... “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.


Welcome to SJP Associates, an independent, privately owned, self funded, boutique property development and land investment consortium founded by Suresh J. Patel.

We provide a platform combining property projects and development land with a chance for consortium member associates to buy in them.  In simplistic terms, our concept facilitates the opportunity of being able to acquire property and/or land as part of a group.

SJP Associates business model predominately centres around property and people. Whether your an associate, property or land owner, partnered professional, employee or client; people and property are our main focus, priority and modus operandi.

Our primary objective is to make introductions and connections which both, strengthen and advance our property development and land investment related opportunities.

Our current combined property portfolio has a GDV, (gross development value), of circa £5m.  

In view of the aforementioned, our aim is to select the crème de la crème in terms of the people, businesses and companies we choose to work and align ourselves with. 

We invite you to peruse our online presence and view how property development and land investments can be both, viable and lucrative business opportunities and career options.

Suresh J. Patel
Founder (Retired)
SJP Associates